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Regular email marketing campaigns have the power to help build relationships, draw in more clients, and grow your business. From gripping subject lines to a crystal-clear call-to-action, setting the right tone from the start and writing strong, compelling copy is crucial.

Here are our top tips for writing captivating copy:

Identify Your Target Audience

The first step in writing top class marketing content is to truly identify the target audience, putting yourself in their shoes. Consider these points – is the marketing in question designed to attract purely new custom or should it also remind existing clients of the benefits of working with a fantastic small business like yours? Narrowing objectives in order to make the message clear demonstrates the image of a driven, focused company, which will play out well in future business communications.

Always Be Positive

If your email campaign is in the form of a newsletter, keeping the tone upbeat and positive is vital. Be bold! Make the newsletter colourful and engaging with striking images – after all, consigning a newsletter to the trash file seems much more appealing if the recipient is faced with yet another dull email.

Break Up the Text So It’s More Appealing

Remember to break up the text with bullets and catchy sub-headings. Use captivating quotes in order to hold the recipient’s attention. This can also help to develop a sense of urgency or excitement, as throwing in phrases such as “limited time only” and “buy now to avoid missing out” creates the impression that a great product is only available within a certain timescale. Let’s face it, no one wants to be left out of a sale event! You can further enhance this message by offering discounts or incentives for, say, the first hundred recipients who visit your website.

Review, Review, Review!

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Adam Lovelock is a Co-Founder of Astonish Email, the quick and easy email marketing system built especially for small business owners. He has spent the past six years working with hundreds of small businesses, helping them build valuable relationships with their contacts through email marketing. You can email Adam at or try Astonish Email for free at

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