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By Elinor Stutz

Twitter offers flexibility that no other platform can provide. Due to the limited communication allowed per tweet, it’s quick, easy to use, and may be intertwined with most other platforms available.

Reading about the turnover at corporate headquarters, along with their desire to attract more of the older population, brought recognition for the many ways in which to use Twitter that have not yet been implemented. In fact, those who are willing to initially use Twitter as therapy may ultimately transform their experiment into a first try at entrepreneurship.

The elderly become quite alone when put into a nursing home or upon losing a spouse. They have rare visitors and tend to turn inward. This might have some affect on dementia too. At the same time, there are seniors who are fully capable of living in their own home and taking care of themselves. However, the quantity and quality of friendships dwindle over time.

On a more positive note, the word “elderly” is loosely used, as many senior citizens are younger in spirit than some in their 50s. This of course demonstrates one’s youthful personal brand.

Imagine the possibilities if senior citizens were provided guidance and help in setting up a twitter account of their own. In 140 characters or less, many of their life experiences could easily be captured online. Twitter handles could include @grannydiary @momforever @dadscareer.

Encouraging tweet examples might be:

RT @momforever ~ Parenting is the most difficult endeavor you will ever undertake; remain strong keeping the bigger picture in mind.

RT @dadscareer  ~ Learning from errors, apologizing and moving forward are keys to furthering your career.

RT @grannydiary ~ The fun is in playing with your children; save Sundays for family day, you will never regret it.

Should the seniors have the help of inputting their fondest memories, lessons learned, or success insights they would soon begin to find online company. While it’s possible their own family would find this “old hat” there are many on the Twitter site that would find these types of messages compelling and would send encouraging messages.

In turn, our elders would respond by communicating more and rediscovering meaning in their lifetime experiences. It may even lead to these folks encouraging others, as a form of community service, to do the same.

It’s also quite possible that the comments from followers and those who retweet will provide new ideas for starting an entrepreneurship.

Those who are highly motivated might find encouragement from crowdsourcing for their new venture. They might seek out sponsorships too from organizations doing studies on dementia, Alzheimer’s as well as companies that sell life insurance.

The idea of Twitter therapy is this: When you put a simple new idea into action, it’s easy for people to get started. And when support comes from unexpected sources, the momentum builds to keep on going. It puts new life and encouragement into each day, and adds focus. Sure, it will start as a hobby and be looked at as “something to do.” But over time it could well be taken very seriously. Accordingly, new ideas come about feeding into the original that furthers the path to success and joy.

Once Twitter therapy takes hold, the very people it helped will more likely be open to further options. For instance, all of those wonderful insights may be weaved together for articles. Once enough articles are written and put into logical order, they can easily become an e-book, and the link to it made ready for tweeting.

A little extra income from fans purchasing the book would also be very encouraging. This too may give life to new projects. Over time, the person who once felt alone sees that feeling as a distant memory. New projects and ideas lead to meeting new people. Being online attracts the very people who are interested in your perspective – exactly what the doctor ordered. Twitter therapy has all the makings of an excellent way to heal people from loneliness.

Additionally, those who become well recognized for their effort may encourage media interviews. If the personal story is truly admirable, Hollywood could be seen knocking on the door asking to create a touching movie about that person’s journey.

Entrepreneurship is about taking a leap of faith even when others say you are crazy for trying. Why not give Twitter therapy a try? You just might find the Smooth Sale!

Author Bio:

Elinor StutzElinor Stutz is a contributing author to the Personal Branding Blog. She is CEO of Smooth Sale, delivers inspirational keynotes at conferences, and the author or INSPIRED Business: A New Vision for Building Business and Communities and the international bestseller Nice Girls DO Get the Sale: Relationship Building That Gets Results. CEOWORLD magazine named Stutz “one of the brightest sales minds to follow on Twitter.”

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