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Are you a small startup company, home-based business, or sole proprietor? Your image with potential customers is critical to gaining business.

Many small entrepreneurs make the same mistakes and fail to project the professional image their clients expect. Sometimes it’s because they don’t want to spend the money and sometimes it’s because they feel their skills, capabilities, and background are all they need to sell themselves and win business.

Unless you have an existing relationship with your potential clients, how you project yourself and your new company matters. Fortunately, it’s much cheaper now to build that image than ever before. There is no reason for you to look small — even if you are. A professional image and presence is crucial to gaining new business and standing out in the market.

Here are five things you should have to improve your professional image:

1. A Relevant Company Name

While many larger startups will create a company name and brand image, many individual entrepreneurs neglect this important step.

Your jurisdiction will have laws around company names ranging from federally incorporated companies to sole proprietorship and “doing business as” names. Investigate the options and choose one that works best for you in the long term, not just on day one.

Select your name carefully to ensure it is easy to pronounce and is easily connected to what you are selling. Making up a name simply by using letters from your children’s names, for instance, is not likely to resonate with potential customers.

For a Web presence, you should also consider whether the domain name is available. If not, look at a slight variation that works. It will be important to tie in your company name with your Web address.

2. A Website

One of the first things many people do is look up a company on the Internet when they’re considering doing business with them. You should have a Web presence, even if you don’t think it will drive business on its own.

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