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In the age of startups, still the small business tends to experience a high failure rate among entrepreneurs in the United States. Apparently, almost 50% of small businesses will fail within their first year of operation.

What leads business owners to close shop? Whether your business lives in the physical or digital world, it must withstand tough competition. For example, digital startups are popping up at an alarming rate. Small agencies find ground through the rise of social media, SEO, and content marketing.

Adapting to a New Age of Marketing

The new shift in marketing relies more on a company’s online presence rather than word-of-mouth referral. Still the best recommendation comes from a past customer, but the way potential customers access such reviews or recommendations is through Google +, Google Places, Yelp, and other credible review sites.

The lack of online marketing highlights one area small business owners fail to capitalize on. This detracts from their immediate success.

Overstaffing your business, mismanagement of the budget, and inflated spending kills small business owners looking to survive that first year. Despite such problems, small business owners show resiliency and faith in their ventures.

Instead of trying to tackle too much at once, start small in 2014 by focusing on simplifying the budget. Ignore the need for an office manager or accountant, and take this responsibility for yourself.

Forget Local Storage with the Cloud

Cloud computing and storage grows in popularity for businesses of all sizes. The time to rely on local storage passed. There’s no need to create an infrastructure for local storage and pay someone to manage and protect it.

Transfer that responsibility to a proven cloud computing provider. Let them protect your interests and make business more convenient. With the cloud, all employees are granted access to work info, documents, and anything necessary to work in or out of office.

Also, the cloud is adjustable in size to each business. It is very attractive and cost effective for small business owners looking to count every penny.

Consolidate Voice and Data

The heart of a business is its communication. Solid communication to clients or potential customers augments the customer service and work productivity. Whether your business is retail or online marketing, it doesn’t matter. Strong business Ethernet allows your employees to access the Internet instantly while not worrying about invasions or security.

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About Miguel Salcido

Miguel Salcido is a veteran search marketing executive with a focus on SEO and link building. He has provided SEO consulting to enterprise brands such as McDonald's, State Farm, Chicago Title, Expedia, Qualcomm and others. In his 11+ years in the industry Miguel has built and led large search agencies, holding executive and VP level positions. He is currently providing SEO consulting services to select clients via his boutique SEO agency, Organic Media Group.


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