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Remarketing Ads Can Be Annoying

Have you ever been followed around by an annoying advertisement that you just can’t seem to get rid of? Of course you have, and that’s the purpose of remarketing ads.

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Remarketing ads are annoying because most companies don’t use them properly!


A New Way To Think About Your Remarketing Campaigns

No one likes to be harassed with the same advertisements over and over. Why do you think the DVR was invented?

I’m going to introduce you to a new concept that we have found to be wildly successful in remarketing efforts and show you some examples.


download (2)Use Remarketing To Tell A Story

Everyone likes a good story. Stories grab attention and connect with people. This will give you a big advantage over all your competitors that are beating people over the head with the same old tired ads


How We Told Our Story (an example)


AdFicient is a Search Engine Marketing Agency but we are unlike any other agency in our market. We focus on things that our competitors can’t. For instance; our company is comprised of a small group of entrepreneurs. We don’t have traditional 9-5 employees and that allows us to connect better and be much more flexible with our service.

The Concept

We decided to use our remarketing ads to tell a story about our company. Each of these ads showcases our talents, personality and other things that make us unique.

The Result

Immediately, we started seeing amazing increases in conversions from our remarketing ads. Customers began saying that they found themselves drawn to us. They loved that our ads were constantly changing and showing them a different side of the company. The ads had personality.

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About Tyler Thomas

Tyler Thomas is the President at MaverickSEM, a full-service Search Engine Marketing and Business Development Agency. MaverickSEM specializes in PPC Management, Conversion Rate Optimization, Remarketing and Analytics. Explore MaverickSEM.com if you are interested in any of these services. If you enjoyed this article, please visit AdFicient.com to learn more. If you have specific questions for Tyler you can always call AdFicient and ask to speak with him.

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