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Outsourcing concept

Maybe you’ve got mixed feelings about outsourcing. As a business owner, you realize two things. One, in America outsourcing is still a dirty word. Two, it’s also critical to modern business. Regardless of how you feel about it, outsourcing is here to stay. More important, it isn’t all doom and gloom. In fact, outsourcing may be the key to taking your business from the back of your garage to a global enterprise reaching customers on multiple continents. Here are five services to consider outsourcing for your business:

1. Payroll and Taxes

Let’s face it, you didn’t start a business because you loved adding columns and carrying the one (unless you’re an accountant, in which case … you’re just weird). Payroll is one of the most widely outsourced elements of modern business, and you’ll likely save a small bundle through outsourcing. Outsourcing your taxes may not save you a tremendous amount of money, but it will save you headaches and heartbreaks. Small business owners claiming deductions are the most heavily audited sector of American society. Outsource this one, and come next February you can pour yourself a drink and toast your sharp business acumen.

2. Cloud IT

Don’t feel bad if you’re still wondering just what the cloud really is, if you’re currently standing beneath it, and if you’re going to need your umbrella. You don’t need to understand the technology for it to revolutionize your business as well as your profit margin. Put simply, the cloud refers to the Internet. Cloud computing is an umbrella term that covers a lot of ground, from storage services like Dropbox that store all of your documents and files online, to creative platforms like Windows Azure that allow users to create apps, websites, and databases tailored to their own specific needs.

To understand the difference between traditional mainframe/terminal host computing and the cloud, consider Photoshop. In the old days, you paid an exorbitant fee for Photoshop, took it home, and installed it on your hard drive. You saved all your files right there at home. Today, you can subscribe to a host of Photoshop programs and services (just like cable TV), produce what you need, and store your files online. It’s a whole new world. If you’re still a confused, don’t worry about it. Check out the link here for a list of the top 20 cloud services to transform your small business.

3. Growth Hacking and Marketing

Much has been written in recent years about whether or not you need a “growth hacker.” A growth hacker is someone who understands and utilizes technology—specifically website analytics, search engine optimization, content marketing, and A/B testing—to connect businesses to customers (to get an idea of what growth hackers do, check out this list of tools growth hackers use to build clientele).

Is it any surprise that “Mad Men,” the most highly awarded show in recent memory, is about, yes, marketing? Or that even teenagers, those frenzied denizens of social media, chatter furiously about their brand, by which they mean their life. What isn’t about marketing anymore? But marketing is a complex, creative endeavor. Chances are, your business will benefit not just from outsourcing a portion but all of your marketing tasks (growth hacking included) to professionals who specialize in nothing else. Because the customers are out there. And your outsourced marketing team will find them.

4. Help Desk

Somebody needs to answer your phone when it rings, but does it need to be you? How about answering questions about problems navigating your website? Dealing with missing order? Refund returns? Whether you take Visa or Mastercard? While outsourcing your help desk is probably the most clichéd of American business moves, it may be the right choice for your business. And in spite of the bad rap call centers get, the truth is that many outsourced help desk services are reliable, intelligent, and friendly. According to a report released by the Global Call Center Project, 22 percent of call centers predominantly hire college graduates. The report studied 2,500 centers in 17 countries. The highest ratios were found in France and India, where 60 percent of call centers recruit college educated workers.

If you’re considering outsourcing this element of your business, it’s critical that you shop around and find a company that understands your business and can truly help your customers. It won’t do you any good in the long run to save a few bucks outsourcing only to drive your customers away.

5. Virtual Assistant

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About Drake Forester

Drake Forester is the chief legal strategy officer at Northwest Registered Agent Services. Drake guides the company and its clients through the vast world of bureaucracy we all deal with when running a business. He specializes in researching and understanding the complexities of business entity compliance and tax strategies.

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