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Blackmore Partners, a private equity intermediary firm, partners with senior executives to build successful businesses and create unique opportunities to deploy capital for institutional investors.

Managing Director Gerald O’Dwyer eyes Mexico as one the next great sources for business opportunities.

“Activity has been increasing in Mexico, and we feel that a presence in Mexico at this time just makes sense,” said O’Dwyer.

Networking is key in this business. Blackmore Partners has a database of over 22,000 executives but, like any business, is always eyeing the next sector for growth.

That next growth sector may be Mexico. Ophelia Pastrana, one of Mexico’s most influential voices on social media, discusses this growth in an interview with The Washington Times. An important point is the exponential growth of social media in Mexico. This is creating new consumers, as well as the potential for new businesses and new ventures.

Mexico is now the 13th largest economy in the world. Investment dollars from large companies, new trade policies, and other elements have contributed to this boost. While much of the domestic discussion about Mexico focuses on illegal immigration, drug trafficking, and violence, there is an economy that is creating real opportunities.

Blackmore Partners recently held a general networking event with local business owners. This is part of a larger international networking “tour” Gerald O’Dwyer will be doing that will include networking events in Mexico the first week in May and Taipei, Shanghai, and Beijing in late May and June.

“We’ve done networking events in the past in Mexico, and each time we’re pleasantly surprised by the type of talent that comes out,” said O’Dwyer. “We feel now is the time to deepen our relationships with companies and executives in Mexico when their economy is showing positive signs.”

Coca-Cola is investing more than $1 billion annually in Mexico. General Motors is creating a large infrastructure there.

O’Dwyer said, “Full-time expansion of an office in Mexico is possible if things keep looking as promising as they do today.”

Blackmore Partners and other are continuing to explore the possibilities that may exist in Mexico as its economy and consumer base grow.

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