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I have a love-hate relationship with webinars. First, I love them because often they offer practical information in a time-efficient manner.

Then there are two dimensions to my hatred; and yes, “hate” is overstating it a bit. First, many of the best webinars are rather expensive and second, while the free webinars often include good information, they are usually trying to sell something.

That’s why I’m so excited about a long list of webinars—and other training materials—from the federal government.

You heard me right. Something our government is doing excites me, and it’s not the lurid details of a new scandal that’s plastered all over the front page of the New York Post.

Go Where the Money Is

Whatever criticism or praise you have about the federal bureaucracy, there’s one thing we can all agree on: It’s a huge money-spending machine, and savvy businesses, both large and small, find ways to get a chunk of their tax dollars back.

We’re going to take a closer look at two arms of the federal government that can really make a huge difference in the bottom line of any business: the Government Services Administration (GSA) and Small Business Administration (SBA).

Simply put, the GSA handles purchasing for the government. The SBA promotes smaller businesses across the nation. Most of us have heard about its small business loan program. Its work also includes helping businesses land contracts from the GSA, so in some ways the GSA and SBA are intertwined.

Hooking Up with the GSA

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