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Payroll is not easy. Even with just a few employees, you must contend with many of the same payroll regulations and filing deadlines as a bigger business. And if you’re doing payroll by hand, it’s easy to make mistakes (and who wants to owe the government more money in penalties and fines?)

Every business with employees has to settle the payroll question: Do we hire someone to handle it in-house, or outsource the whole thing? Do we figure it out by hand, or try payroll software? Even among payroll software options, there are some major differences.

Payroll software can be divided into two types: programs that you physically install on your computer or online payroll software that you access from the Internet.

Standard payroll software is sold as a standalone product or traditionally as part of a larger accounting package that you simply install to one computer.

  • Each time you run payroll or use the program, you save your data to your hard drive.
  • You will need an Internet connection to periodically download tax table updates from your payroll software provider.
  • You’ll also need to go online (probably monthly) to make payroll tax deposits in the Electronic Federal Federal Taxpayer System (EFTPS).
  • With standard payroll software, you should also periodically backup your payroll data in the event of a power surge or equipment failure.

Online payroll software is a type of Software-as-a-Service (SaaS). You don’t physically own the software; instead, you log in to the provider’s secure website and use the service.

  • When you run payroll or other tasks, your data is not saved to your computer — instead, your data is stored to the cloud (basically, servers that the software provider either owns and maintains themselves or rents from another provider.)
  • With online payroll software, you don’t have to worry about losing your data in case of a power outage or a hard drive failure. Even if your computer crashes, you can still access your data from another computer. However, a major Internet outage can cause the software to be temporarily unavailable.
  • With online payroll, the provider can make behind-the-scenes improvements to the software with no disruption. They can also update the tax tables whenever necessary.

Here are some other considerations when shopping for payroll software.

Convenience. How important is convenience to you? With off-the-shelf payroll software, you have access to your program on one computer (either at your home or office.) With online software, however, your payroll account should be available on any device with Internet access, so you can run payroll from your smartphone, laptop or tablet. Look for online payroll that uses responsive design (which makes it readable on any size computer screen.)

Ease of use. Payroll can be very complicated, but the best payroll software programs should offer an intuitive user interface. Does the company offer help articles and explainer videos to help you find answers on your own?

Accuracy. If you are using a desktop payroll software program, you will periodically download tax table changes to make sure everything is up to date. With online software, the tax tables should always be accurate. Some companies also offer a guarantee of their accuracy of their payroll tax calculations, which can be an added assurance.

Customization. Your payroll needs may vary from one month to the next, especially if you calculate payroll deductions, tips, reimbursements, or garnishments. On the other hand, you may need just the simplest of payroll programs. Look for payroll software that lets you customize your setup for your business needs.

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