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In the recent article on 10 Invaluable Tools for Running a Small Business, I introduced you to Google Hangouts on Air (sometimes shortened to HOAs). Google Hangouts on Air can be compared to your own private TV show where you broadcast your webcam to the world, but you can also invite up to nine other guests to your show. They can be used in literally any business: I’ve seen successful shows from culinary chefs, real estate agents, violin artists, social media specialists, and even homeschooling experts. 

But how do you host your first Google Hangout on Air?

Yes, it’s a little bit technical, but with the right amount of practice you can figure this out! I thought it would be easiest to show you directly on video how it’s done.

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=86rM52Tf5tw?rel=0&w=640&h=480]

What I talked about:

Google hangout on air logo0’13: What is a Google Hangout on Air?
0’39: You need a Google+ account that is linked to your YouTube channel
0’57: Setting up your Hangout on Air
4’01: Brand your event to stand out
5’45: Spread the word about your event
6’12: Start the event
7’02: Learning about the Google Hangout interface
8’15: Add branding with a lower third
9:11: Practice, practice & practice some more
9:33: Post event promotion with the YouTube video

Do you see the potential?

Can you see the potential of these Hangouts on Air? Who needs television broadcasts if you can host your own shows via Google? And for free! What do you think? Will you look into adding hangouts to your marketing mix? Let me know in the comments below

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Sarah Santacroce helps small business owners get clients online. She will teach you how to increase your online visibility so you can quit chasing clients and get found; how to tap into the power of social media to increase your leads; and how to understand and master the intricacies of Internet marketing. LinkedIn is her favorite platform & she helps businesses & entrepreneurs to use it in order to capitalize their growth. Sarah's expertise and eagerness to share her knowledge with others have made her an in-demand expert and a sought-after presenter at numerous workshops and webinars. Sarah lives & works in beautiful Switzerland but works with people from all over the world. Click here to subscribe to her mailing list & receive her '21 Ways to Increase Your Website Traffic' E-book

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