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a beautiful home

A recent Houzz study showed that more and more homeowners are electing to make improvements on their existing house rather than move. Sixty-six percent of those people making improvements intended to stay in that house long-term. 

The others are waiting out a slow housing market and making minor improvements to increase the curb appeal of their home.

Doors have become a trendy home improvement. Most people use doors every day without giving them much thought. Tommy Mello, president of A1 Garage Nation, believes people should look closer at garage doors for home upgrades.

“A new garage door can instantly add curb appeal to many houses. It’s a very affordable way to make an obvious change that you (and your neighbors) can enjoy every day.” said Mello. “Today’s garage doors are much more than the plain paneled doors your parents had. You have so many options from traditional to contemporary to carriage-house style; from wood to steel to aluminum. There are even ‘eco-friendly’ garage doors. Whatever you are looking for, chances are it’s available.”

It’s a welcome change for an industry that hasn’t changed very much over the years. Mello is taking advantage of new innovations and designs in a space where many are missing these exciting changes.

stylish security door

Photo credit: First Impressions Security Doors

Mark Montgomery, marketing director for First Impression Security Doors, takes it a step further by appealing to a higher-income client base.

“So many people think a security door has to look like the bars in a jail cell. That couldn’t be further from the truth! Adding a beautiful wrought-iron security door or gate to the front of your home can add instant elegance, as well as security. It creates a memorable first impression for all your visitors,” said Montgomery.

It’s an image that seems like it could be narrated by Robin Leach in an episode of “Lifestyle of the Rich and Famous.” Or, for a younger audience, MTV’s “Cribs.” However, with price points where they are, it is becoming fashionable.

“From intricate scrolls to complex geometric shapes to custom themes like golf or the desert, a security door can capture your custom style. Our Gilbert, Arizona, facility manufactures thousands of custom security doors each year,” said Montgomery.

Doors are really the first impression of a house. Only, this time, there is a second chance to make a first impression.

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