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Everybody makes mistakes, especially when starting something new. But when you’re starting your own business, big mistakes can be very costly — in money, time, and energy.

businessman slipping on banana peelIn order to help you avoid costly blunders in your own business, we asked nine of our AllBusiness Experts if they would share one major misstep they made when they were first getting their own businesses off the ground. Read on to learn from their mistakes!

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  • Krithika Rangarajan


    Thank you so much for this wonderful compilation of blunders that can beset anyone, not just an entrepreneur. Yes, mistakes happen. The choice for us then is: do we allow those errors to overpower us or empower us?

    As a struggling writer, my lesson thus far has been: Learn to say NO

    Thanks to Ms. Katherine Kotaw – my blogger, #OnlineMama and mentor – for introducing me to this article! #HUGSSSS dear