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The Young Entrepreneur Council (YEC) is an invite-only organization comprised of the world's most promising young entrepreneurs. In partnership with Citi, YEC recently launched StartupCollective, a free virtual mentorship program that helps millions of entrepreneurs start and grow businesses.
Social Media Words
9 Social Media Platforms Every Business Should Consider
As the socialsphere continues to evolve and new platforms make their way onto the...
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hand choosing employee figure
11 Common Hiring Mistakes Many Entrepreneurs Make
Hiring a great group of talented individuals is on the top of every entrepreneur's...
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cartoon of man pushing rock labeled "business" uphill
11 Tips to Stick With Your New Year’s Business Resolutions
If you're an entrepreneur, you've likely made a New Year's resolution to grow your...
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woman holding lightbulb balloon
7 Business Practices to Rethink for 2015
The new year is a time to renew and restructure. And many times, that...
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scared man hiding behind desk
15 Tips for Introverts Who Struggle at Networking Events
No matter how you approach it, networking is almost inevitable, especially for entrepreneurs. This...
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man speaking at convention
10 Most Effective Ways to Follow Up With Event Attendees
Even if you have hosted a near-perfect event, your work doesn't stop after the...
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young man holding credit card
9 Tips for Businesses New to Accepting Credit Cards
When you are part of a small offline company, only accepting cash can seem...
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hands holding red heart
16 Ways Entrepreneurs Can Give Back This Holiday Season
You might not realize it, but your business know-how and drive is valuable to...
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surprised man looking at phone
9 Apps Entrepreneurs Love (That You’ve Probably Never Heard Of)
With thousands of apps out there, it's easy to overlook something that could make...
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hand holding movie clapboard
9 Tips for Promoting Your Brand on YouTube
YouTube is one of the most widely viewed video platforms on the Internet, and...
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businessman running on clocks
11 Business Tasks We Wish We Had Time For
When you run your own business, there just aren't enough hours in the day!...
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business network
8 Tips for Making Your Next Networking Event a Huge Hit
Did your last networking event not go exactly as planned? We asked eight successful...
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geeky hipster holding business card
6 Creative Ways to Make Your Business Card Stand Out
Let's face it: once you've seen one business card, you've pretty much seen them...
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note reading "i'll be right back"
11 Ways to Make Sure Your Business Runs Smoothly Without You
While you would like to be everything to your startup, you can't be around...
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man climbing tower of books
11 Entrepreneurial Thought Leaders You Should Read Regularly
There is so much information about what's going on in your industry and beyond,...
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woman sharing info with others
11 Tips for Getting Your Customers to Make More Referrals
Who better to recommend your product or service to potential buyers than those who...
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businessman welcoming you
12 Creative Ways to Welcome a New Team Member
As entrepreneurs, we often get stuck going through the same daily motions. But when...
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summer party
9 Unusual Ways to Help Your Team Enjoy Some Downtime This Summer
What better way to celebrate the summer than by taking in the nice weather...
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man running uphill
14 Creative Ways to Stay Motivated
Even the most talented and creative people hit roadblocks sometimes. How do you keep...
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virtual assistant
13 Tips for Working Productively with Virtual Assistants
Virtual assistants can save you hours of work a day -- but only if...
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interviewees waiting
12 Ways to Make Your Job Postings Really Stand Out
Sure, every company wants rock star employees. But when it comes to posting a...
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woman looking at many faces
10 Creative Ways to Keep Track of Business Contacts
Networking is a great way to build your social capital, but how often do...
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dipping toe in water
Test the Entrepreneurial Waters by Starting a Side Business
Some would-be entrepreneurs start small side businesses as a way to test the waters....
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trade show
10 Insider Tips on Attending Your First Trade Show
Nobody starts out as a seasoned trade show veteran. Get simple but effective insider...
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global business
14 Foreign Countries with Great Opportunities for Startups
Startups are not only growing abroad today, they're thriving. We asked 14 successful young...
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minority business owner
7 Benefits to Becoming Certified as a Minority-Owned Business
Hesitant about finally becoming certified as a minority-owned business? We asked seven successful young...
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9 Up-and-Coming Freelance Marketplaces to Find Great People
Most startups simply don't have the bandwidth to accomplish everything they want to do....
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banner ads
12 Design Tips for Creating Successful Banner Ads
A few simple design tricks can make the difference between producing an ad people...
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measure employees
10 Metrics All Founders Should Use in Employee Performance Reviews
Your staff members likely have a range of different strengths. But what specific traits...
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inspirational speech
14 TED Talks That Will Change the Way You Lead
We asked 14 successful entrepreneurs to share the TED Talks that most inspired them,...
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Is Debt a Good Way to Fund Your Business?
It's a Catch-22: to start your business you need capital, but in order to...
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business vacation
10 Tips for Taking a Break Before the New Year
Want to take time off from your business but worried that it might be...
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taped mouth
10 Things Founders Should Never Say in Company Meetings
It's important to be honest with your staff, but some things are better left...
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happy face ball
10 Things You Should Keep on Your Desk for Daily Inspiration
It never hurts to have a physical reminder of what you work so hard...
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13 Business Tasks You Should Devote an Entire Day To
Because you are busy running a business, there's not enough time in the day...
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Businesswoman At Office
The Very First Employee a Solopreneur Should Hire
Are you ready to make the leap from a solitary solopreneur to an employer?...
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suprised woman
8 Most Unusual Places to Meet Investors
Elevator pitches are not just for elevators! We asked eight entrepreneurs the most unusual...
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too many emails
12 Effective Ways to Tame Your Email Inbox
Your inbox can feel like an endless abyss. How are you supposed to get...
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business ideas
Where Will Your Business Be in 10 Years?
While success and money are all nice end goals, in our experience, most entrepreneurs...
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home business
8 Home-Based Business Ideas That Will Lead to Success
When starting your first business, it's not always the smartest idea to dive in...
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multitasking manager
13 Most Important Traits for Manager-Level Employees
As your business grows, it's important to hire manager-level employees who can help relieve...
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happy businessman
11 Moments That Make Starting a Business Completely Worth It
We've all been there: nothing in your business seems to be going right, no...
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running businessman
When Starting a Business, Is Passion Enough?
We all know it takes a lot of passion to found a startup. The...
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smiley face
11 Ways to Make Sure Your Employees Are Happy
Startups can be stressful environments for founders and employees alike. We asked 11 entrepreneurs...
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social media
10 Risks You Take by Saying ‘No’ to Social Media Marketing
Some small business owners still think social media marketing is just "not for them."...
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11 Popular Excuses for Not Launching a Business
We asked 11 entrepreneurs which excuses for not launching a business they hear most...
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Frustrated businessman with his face in his hands
8 Big PR Mistakes New Entrepreneurs Make
No matter what industry your startup is in, public relations is always part of...
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businessman with flexing arms drawn behind him
11 of the Hardest Business Lessons for Leaders
Just because entrepreneurs are natural-born leaders doesn't mean that leadership necessarily comes naturally. Growing...
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Hardworking businessman with uneaten lunch
15 Ways to Stay Healthy While Working Insane Startup Hours
Working at a startup is awesome … and utterly exhausting. As a CEO or...
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You are fired Post-it note
What’s the Right Way to Fire Someone? 10 Pieces of Advice
Letting employees go is never easy, no matter how detrimental their performance is to...
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Foot stepping on a banana peel.
9 Rookie Mistakes New Business Owners Make
Nine young entrepreneurs share some of the biggest business mistakes and blunders they made...
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Businessman totally in shock.
The Worst Business Advice We’ve Ever Heard
We asked 15 young entrepreneurs to share some of their favorite "worst business advice"...
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shop owner
13 Ways Brick-and-Mortar Businesses Can Leverage Online Marketing
Q. What’s one ONLINE marketing investment you’d recommend a brick-and-mortar business make to grow...
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data collection
9 Tools to Simplify Customer Data Collection
As the saying goes, “Knowledge is power.” Knowledge about your customers can be a...
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