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Sam Thacker
Areas of Expertise: Business Financing, Business Lending
Sam Thacker is a partner in Austin, Texas-based Business Finance Solutions. Since 1994 he has been in the banking and finance industry as a commercial lending officer, banking consultant, and advocate for small business financing. He has originated over $400 million in loans to hundreds of businesses across many industries. Sam is a nationally respected working capital finance professional, speaker, and writer. In addition to helping small companies obtain working capital financing using a variety of assets, Since 2007, Sam has written over 500 published columns and articles around finance topics of interest to small business owners. He writes about the challenges of small business finance, accounting, and best business practices. Sam also teaches classes to trade associations and other groups. He has been praised by readers and class attendees in programs he teaches for his ability to explain complicated financial concepts in easy to understand terms.
handing over keys
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Free Small Business Educational Webinars – April 2013
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Small asset-based lenders like to finance inventory and raw materials and accounts receivable
Small Asset-Based Lenders: Picking the Best One
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