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Rieva Lesonsky
Areas of Expertise: Small Business & Entrepreneurship
Rieva Lesonsky is CEO of GrowBiz Media, a media and custom content company focusing on small business and entrepreneurship. Email Rieva at, follow her on Google+ and Twitter @Rieva, and visit her website to get the scoop on business trends and sign up for Rieva’s free TrendCast reports.  
Blog Concept
How to Get 10,000 Readers for Your Business Blog
You have a business blog, but how much is it really driving sales? Learn...
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smiling businesswoman in eyeglasses with diploma
Does a College Degree Help or Hurt Young Entrepreneurs?
Some experts say the high cost of college is forcing would-be young entrepreneurs to...
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Goals 2015 on blackboard
What Are Your Small Business Goals for 2015?
How do your small business goals for the new year compare to those of...
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b2b concept
3 Marketing Strategies Every B2B Business Should Use
Want more leads for your B2B business? Good news: the marketing strategies that work...
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retirement plan
How a Retirement Plan Can Help Your Small Business
As competition for employees heats up, offering a retirement plan is one good way...
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Using tablet and sitting on cloud shape locker
Can Cloud Backup Services Secure Your Business Data?
Is your computer backup system secure enough? Lessen your risk of losing crucial data...
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Christmas presents
The Gift of a Bright Business Idea
Learn why the holidays are the perfect time to come up with a great...
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woman crossing her fingers.
Entrepreneurs: What’s on Your Holiday Wish List?
What's on small business owners' holiday wish list this year? A survey by Manta...
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dereaming at website scheme
7 Mistakes Your Business Website May Be Making
If you're making one of these 7 mistakes with your business website, you could...
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Business man with hundred dollar bills
5 Ways to Make Money Marketing to Existing Customers
One of the best ways to make more money with less effort is by...
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A happy customer
The Secret to Happy Customers
In today’s technology-oriented society, consumers are starved for simple human interaction. Treating customers like...
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dollar sign
Pros and Cons of Friends and Family Financing
Friends and family financing is a popular way of capitalizing a startup. Follow these...
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investment concept
3 Business Investments Every Entrepreneur Should Make
Almost 71 percent of small business owners polled say they have surplus business capital...
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Hands Holding Speech Bubble with Social Issue Concepts
Finding Your Customers on Social Media
Sure, your small business is active on social media -- but are your posts,...
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Businessman thinking
Does Your Business Need a 5-Year Strategic Plan?
Your small business may not need a 20-year-plan anymore, but you do need some...
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Man drawing ROI concept on chalkboard
Measuring Your Social Media ROI
Social media dominates small business owners' marketing tactics -- but measuring social media ROI...
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poster with web site
Is Your Business Website Working Hard Enough for You?
Are you using your business website to the fullest? Try these marketing, sales, and...
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Mobile device and money
Save Time and Money With Mobile Devices
Get ideas for how using mobile devices in business can cut your costs, maximize...
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Businessman holding Question mark
Part-Time Business or Full-Time Business, That Is the Question
Before you quit your day job to start a full-time business, consider this: A...
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I like it four times
Survey Says: Even Young Customers Are Facebook Fans
Are young people really leaving Facebook in droves? Find out if Millennials are Facebook...
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website success concept
The 3 Biggest Factors in Your Small Business Website’s Success
What makes your small business website a winner or a loser? Check out three...
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Bored woman at office
Bored With Your Business? 7 Ideas to Get It Growing
If your small business is starting to bore you, maybe it's time to consider...
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Mobile technology
How Is Your Business Using Mobile Technology?
Is your small business using mobile technology to its fullest potential? See how you...
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Franchising Concept
Is It Time to Franchise Your Business?
What do you need to know to franchise a business successfully? Start by asking...
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SWOT analysis business concept
Grow Your Business with a SWOT Analysis
If you want to spot business opportunities, a SWOT analysis can help. Learn what...
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Starting a business concept
Ready to Start a Business? Ask Yourself These Questions
Before you start a business, be sure to ask yourself these six questions to...
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happy businesswoman
What Do You Love About Running a Business?
What do you think is the best thing about running a business? A recent...
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website design
Does Your Company Suffer from a Weak Website?
Just because you have a small business website doesn't mean it's working for you....
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start a business: Graduates Hat Toss
Most College Grads Want to Start a Business — But Are They Ready?
The majority of college graduates want to start a business -- but do they...
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Mature businessman
When Are You Too Old to Start a Business?
Think you're too old to start a business? Think again: The number of senior...
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Obstacles concept
How to Get Over Common Obstacles to Small Business Success
What obstacles are holding entrepreneurs back from small business success? Here are the most...
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Hand Writing On Cheque
Just Say No to Writing Checks
Is your small business still relying on writing checks to pay bills? If so,...
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Businessman ready to start
Are You Ready to Jump in and Start a Business?
Are you ready to start a business? With more entrepreneurs feeling confident about the...
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Choices of a businessman
What Steps Do Entrepreneurs Take on the Road to Business Startup?
A new study by Manta and Dell examines the most common steps small business...
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holding a notebook laptop
There’s More to Life Than Online Marketing
Online marketing is important--but it should be part of an overall marketing strategy to...
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Consumers Support Small Business — Well, Sort Of
Don’t expect to get business just because you’re small. You need to earn it...
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marketing strategy
Get with the Marketing Plan
In today’s competitive environment, marketing can make the difference in whether your small business...
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social media
Social Media: It’s Not Just for Marketing Anymore
Social media can do more than help market your business -- much more. Here...
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Very happy businessman
The Power of Customer Loyalty
How do most small business owners attract new customers and boost customer loyalty? Learn...
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businesswoman dreaming
Startup Success: How to Be the Next Facebook
How can your small business be the next Facebook, Google or Instagram? You don't...
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social media
What Are the Best Ways to Reach Local Customers?
Is your small business trying to attract more local customers? Online marketing with social...
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businessman upside
How to Get Unstuck and Grow Your Business
Has your small business hit a plateau? Small business experts offer tips on how...
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like, share, tweet and follow
The Only Social Media Site That Matters
Are you feeling overwhelmed by social media? Your small business may get great results...
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writing businessman
2014 Small Business Tax Tips: Don’t Deduct the Dog
Keep more of your hard-earned money with these small business tax tips that will...
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Cleaning men
Spring Clean Your Small Business Technology
Is your small business technology up to par? If not, now is the time...
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Online search concept
Want to Know How Customers Find You? Read This
The way consumers look for local businesses has changed. Is your marketing keeping up?...
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Customer or employees care concept
How to Manage Your Independent Contractor Relationships
More small businesses are outsourcing today, but dealing with independent contractors can be tricky....
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Bored businesswoman
Stop Wasting Your Time (and Your Life) in Meetings
Are you wasting too much time in meetings? Get your schedule and your small...
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Business success for 2014
What Are Your Business Goals This Year?
Do your small business goals for 2014 measure up to the goals your competitors...
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Tightrope walking
Top 3 Business Financial Fails and How to Avoid Them
Are you making financial mistakes that could hurt your small business? Learn the three...
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Smiling emoticon
To Get Positive Results for Your Small Business, You Need More Than Positive Thinking
What differentiates small business stars from the rest? A new American Express OPEN...
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Businessman holding an adjustable wrench
Is It Time to Give Your Online Marketing a Tuneup?
Staying abreast of online marketing trends is a challenge. Fortunately for small business owners,...
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yelp logo
Let Yelp Help Your Business–Really
Are you living in fear of Yelp? Stop worrying about negative reviews of your...
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A Lawyer
Does Your Small Business Need a Lawyer?
Does your small business need a lawyer? Before you answer "no," consider these situations...
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thoughtful businessman
Are You Selling Yourself Short?
Are you focusing too much on your business's future and not enough on your...
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Online Advertising
Small Businesses Are Going Digital for 2014
As customers increasingly go online, small businesses' advertising dollars are, too. A new study...
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business tower
Negotiating Tips to Put You on Top
Negotiating is a near-daily part of life for a small business owner. Here...
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bar graph 2014
What’s Your 2014 Growth Strategy?
Small business owners are feeling optimistic about 2014, with plans to grow their companies....
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measuring success
4 Steps to Measuring Marketing Results
Is your small business advertising working? Measuring marketing results can be challenging. Here's what...
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Businessman standing on top of 2014
4 Moves Small Business Owners Should Make Now for a Profitable 2014
Is your business ready for the new year? Get small business expert Rieva Lesonsky's...
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happy entrepreneurs
How You Can Help Spread Entrepreneurship
The excitement around entrepreneurship is contagious! A new study by the Kauffman Foundation shows...
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4 Branding Lessons From Apple
What branding lessons can your small business learn from Apple's powerful brand? Here are...
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job interview
Does Education Trump Experience When Starting a Business?
What matters more to successfully starting a business--entrepeneurship education, or street-smarts? Here's what entrepreneurs...
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Rain of money
Do You Feel Lucky, Startup Business Owners? Well, Do You?
Startup business owners' optimism levels about both their businesses and the economy are high,...
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Confident Businesswoman Smiling
Do You Have What It Takes to Start Your Own Business?
What qualities do successful small business owners have in common? A recent study has...
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thinking businessman
Is Your Business Website Giving Customers What They Want?
Are your business website and social media delivering what customers want? A new survey...
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smiley face
Entrepreneurs Are Loving It a Little Less
Small business owners love what they do, but are a little less optimistic and...
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A a vintage dirty cash register
Is Your Small Business Keeping Up With Technology?
Is your small business technology out of date? Small business expert Rieva Lesonsky examines...
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Business People
Get an Entrepreneurial Education on a Budget
Small business expert Rieva Lesonsky shares ideas for how small business owners can get...
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using laptop
Do You Have What It Takes to Start a Home-Based Business?
For small business owners, there are many benefits of running a home-based business, including...
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climbing a ladder
Business Startups: It Takes a Village
Think your startup has the potential to be the next Facebook? It stands a...
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businessman running
Make Your Dream Business a Reality
If your dream is to start a business, you're not alone. More than half...
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multitasking woman
Before You Start a Business, Get Real
Before you start a business, small business expert Rieva Lesonsky warns, it's crucial to...
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Businesswoman on Cell Phone, laptop computer and with her Child
Home-Based Business Owners: Who’s Your Support System?
Running a home-based business takes a village. From lawyers to accountants to mentors and...
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head full of new and creative ideas
4 Steps to Getting Great Small Business Ideas
Ready to be your own boss? The first step to coming up with your...
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business team
Did the Recession Help Your Business?
You might be doing a double-take at the question in the headline above. But...
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