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Michel Theriault
Areas of Expertise: Management
Website: http://www.successfuelformanagers.com
Michel Theriault is an author, speaker, and consultant focusing on topics relevant to Managers and aspiring Managers in businesses of all sizes who want to get results, get attention, and get ahead. He is the author of Write To Influence (from the Quick Guides for Managers series), Win More Business – Write Better Proposals and Managing Facilities & Real Estate. Write To Influence is currently available as a free download in ebook and audiobook format. As the founder of Success Fuel for Managers, Michel’s work includes training, consulting, seminars, and business-oriented books. Connect with Michel or read his blogs about management and leadership on his site at www.successfuelformanagers.com.
boss pointing finger firing
Deciding to Fire an Employee: Ask Yourself These 3 Questions
The decision to fire one of your employees for poor performance is a hard...
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businessman as chess piece
2 Simple Strategies for Managing Your Boss
Michel Theriault shares two simple strategies for managing your manager to drive your own...
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woman holds small man
New Boss? You Need These Survival Tips
One of the biggest risks to your career is when you get a new...
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7 Steps to Create Your First Small Business Website
A website is a necessity for entrepreneurs, small businesses, home-based businesses, and anybody selling...
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executive holding red pen
How I Lost Respect for an Executive Because of a Red Pen
Unfortunately, there is still an emphasis on what is on the surface, not what...
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businessman with many arrows
Happy With Your Job? Then It’s Time to Look for a New One
Waiting until you need a job is the worst time to look for one....
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confused bald businessman
Lost Your Job and Want to Become a Consultant? Think Again
Many professionals who find themselves out of a job consider the consulting route, but...
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Beach vacation
Can’t Disconnect? You Can Still Keep Your Sanity While on Vacation
Sometimes it’s just not possible to disconnect completely when you go on vacation, but...
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young woman holding question mark
How to Gain Credibility in Business: Admit You Don’t Know It All
As an entrepreneur, manager, or businessperson trying to appear like you’re at the top...
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excited woman
Getting a Business Case Approved: 5 Simple Steps to Success
So you want to expand your department, develop a product, launch a campaign, hire...
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cloned businesswomen
Hire Employees Who Complement You, Not Who Resemble You
As an entrepreneur, you have specific skills and attributes that make you successful. But...
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businessman overwhelmed by data
6 Ways to Transform Data into Real Information That Drives Decision Making
Like most business owners and managers, you are likely inundated with data on a...
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businessman in box
Instead of Thinking Outside the Box, Have You Looked in the Corners?
If you thought finding a needle in a haystack was hard, try making the...
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businessmen shaking hands
Don’t Just Check the Experience Box: Hire Employees for Potential, Not Past
When hiring, delve deep and explore the skills, characteristics, aptitude, and abilities rather than...
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Anyone Can Improve Their Business Writing by Following This Five-Step Method
The POWER system is a structured approach that provides discipline around your writing. It...
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elephant on the road
Want More Productive Employees? Then Get Out Their Way
Smart, successful managers hire well-qualified, skilled employees to get things done. If you’ve hired...
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empty business suit
Want to Be a Great Manager? Don’t Practice ‘Off The Rack’ Management
Like your employees, no two situations are exactly alike and usually require customized solutions,...
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Managers: Don’t Treat All Employees the Same Way
We are all familiar with the golden rule that says to treat others as...
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business impact
5 Keys to Creating PowerPoint Slides with Impact
Delivering effective and powerful presentations is critical to business success. Learn five principles you...
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9 Ways to Make Your Presentations More Powerful
A successful presentation is about much more than your PowerPoint slides. Follow these nine...
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boring meeting
8 Ways to Cure Dysfunctional Business Meetings
We’ve all attended meetings that dragged on forever and didn't accomplish much. Make your...
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7 Business Lessons from Gourmet Cupcakes
What can the rise and fall of the cupcake fad teach entrepreneurs, startups, and...
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business systems
7 Simple Tips for Documenting Your Important Business Procedures
Entrepreneurs don't generally like structure, yet business procedures are essential. Here are seven ways...
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business card
Ditch the Business Card: 6 Ways to Create Info Cards That Make Your Company Stand Out
Business cards have a purpose as part of common business etiquette and as a...
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Want More Business Creativity? Pick Up the Pen
I spend way too much time in front of the computer, but sometimes when...
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little businessman
Small Startup? 5 Easy Ways to Look Bigger Than You Are
When starting a business, there is no reason to look small -- even if...
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6 Steps to Influence Others With Your Business Writing
Business writing used to be simply about communicating -- getting information across to others....
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Managing Older Staff
7 Strategies For Managing Staff Who Are Older Than You
If you have older staff working for you, it’s important to adjust your management...
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Writing Proposals and Bids
Writing Proposals and Bids: 8 Things You Need to Do Differently
Writing effective proposals and bids takes time and effort. Learn the key things that...
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customer satisfaction
Even When the Customer Isn’t Right, You Should Act Like They Are
In the world of instant sharing through blogs, Twitter, Facebook and review sites, you...
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hiring employees
Hire Strong-Willed Employees Who Will Challenge You as a Manager
Throughout my career I’ve had a wide range of staff working for me, from...
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