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Michael Evans
Michael Evans is Managing Director for the Newport Board Group, a partnership of board directors and senior executive leaders with deep knowledge of business strategy, operations, and capital markets. Previous to Newport, Michael L. Evans had been with Ernst & Young since 1977 and served as a partner since 1984. During his 34 years with the firm, he served as a tax, audit and consulting services partner, specializing in real estate companies and publicly traded entities. Michael served as the firm’s Global Director of the Real Estate and Construction Industry from 1988 to 1998, serving many of the largest international real estate organizations in the U.S. and the world. Michael is a frequent writer on business topics and has authored two books. He can be reached at (415) 990-1844 or via email at mievans@msn.com.
man strapped to cartoon rocket
How to Start and Grow the Right Business for You
The recovery of the economy, the availability of capital, and support from small business...
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people playing tug-of-war
Starting a New Business? Embrace the Outsourcing of Everything
Virtually every internal business function can be outsourced to a firm that will provide...
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10 Steps to Successfully Expand Your Business Overseas
As with any journey abroad, in order to successfully expand your business overseas, it...
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hand choosing from selection of business figures
Is There Venture Capital in Your Future? 15 Rules for the Perfect VC Pitch
Funds raised from investors for venture capital investments hit $32.97 billion in 2014. Could...
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road leading to 2015
Be Prepared for a Roller Coaster Ride: 5 Key Business Predictions for 2015
Michael Evans shares his predictions for the coming year's business landscape, foreseeing changes in...
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elephant painted red white and blue
What a Republican Congress Means to Your Business
The Republican Party won control of the Senate in the midterm elections. What’s ahead...
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man doing handstand to symbolize unique approach to coming recession
Defy the Law of Gravity: Prepare Your Company for the Coming Recession
After six years of economic recovery, it’s time to think about the inevitable coming...
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man smashing a dollar sign
10 Easy Steps to Reduce the Costs of Running Your Business
Through technology and outsourcing, companies can reduce costs, improve efficiencies, and increase profits to...
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group of red game pieces with one blue one nearby
Is Your Company’s Growth Stalled? Why You Need an Outside Board Member
Mid-size companies often operate as small fiefdoms under the control of the king (aka,...
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illustration of a business meeting
4 Strategies for a Successful Business Sale
Prices paid for companies are up 30% over just three years ago and with...
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businessman lifting wall painted as U.S. flag
The Politicians Were Correct – Small Companies Really Do Create Jobs
A recently published study has provided another piece of evidence that the middle market,...
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two businessmen shaking hands
Selling Your Company? 4 Traits of Successful Business Sale Negotiators
A good CEO must be able to ensure that the processes and people are...
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cash flow indicator
5 Ways to Increase the Cash Flow from Your Business
Are you growing your business into the ground? Michael Evans explains why Free Cash...
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couple shopping
Your Process Is As Important As Product When Selling Consumer Goods
No matter how attractive the product you are selling, to make money in consumer...
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Beyond Banks: Alternative Financing Sources to Grow Your Business
For private, middle-market companies, traditional sources of growth capital have come from profits, family...
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american jobs
Onshoring in the Next Decade: Trickle of Returning U.S. Jobs Could Soon Become a Torrent
Michael Evans explains why onshoring of jobs by U.S. companies and offshoring by foreign...
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Modern China
Gain the Competitive Edge by Manufacturing in China
Companies worldwide have outsourced manufacturing to China, and opportunities still exist despite rising labor...
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business growth
Grow Your Business with These 12 Smart E-Commerce Strategies
If your plan is to grow your company’s revenue in 2014, the likely source...
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business predictions for 2014
5 Key Business Predictions for 2014
Michael Evans shares his predictions for the business landscape in the coming year, foreseeing...
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tiny dollar
Microfranchising as a First Step to Small Business Ownership
Starting your own business may not be as difficult as you think. Why not...
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global business
The Risks and Rewards of Expanding Your Business Overseas
Going global can provide exponential growth for your business, but it is not for...
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business technology
5 Technology-Based Strategies to Grow Your Business
Your business might be basically “technology enabled” but you may be missing out on...
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4 Pitfalls for Middle-Market Businesses and 5 Ways to Avoid Them
Despite recent growth in the middle market, many if not most medium-sized companies will...
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family business
5 Steps to Create a Viable Succession Plan for Your Family Business
By following five key steps relevant to almost all family businesses, the business can...
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It’s a Seller’s Market for Small Businesses – But Think Twice
Small and mid-size CEOs are reporting that they are getting unsolicited calls nearly every...
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puzzle piece
Business Technology Innovations Can Allow Any Company to Go Global – Now!
In a lot of ways, the information technology revolution hasn't really begun for many...
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business growth
Seven Innovative Growth Strategies for Small Companies
In order to grow, a company must identify potential growth markets and opportunities for...
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Create Exponential Growth Through Effective Enterprise Risk Management
Risk management is often the overlooked part of strategy, particularly for smaller companies who...
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building a wall
Focus on Building the Enterprise Value of Your Business
Private business owners can better prepare their company for an exit strategy or just...
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Adopt a Market-Driven Strategy to Customer Service
Customers today have many options and places to buy products and services. Technology interfaces...
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7 Steps to Funding the Growth of Your Business
There are seven sources of capital available to private companies from banks and other...
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