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Haris Bacic
Areas of Expertise: Web Design
Website: http://www.adficient.com
Haris leads the creative and SEO strategy at AdFicient, a full-service search engine marketing and business development agency, which specializes in PPC management, SEO, conversion rate optimization, phone call tracking, web design, and analytics. If you enjoyed this article, you can also follow Haris on Twitter.
illustration of mobile website
How Are Premium WordPress Themes Holding Up After Two Years?
We take a look at how recommended WordPress themes from two years ago are...
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man sitting in front of empty plate
Increase Your Web Design Profits With ‘Buffet Style’ Pricing
If you are a web designer or own a creative agency, learn how to...
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Content Delivery Network
Why You Should Use a Content Delivery Network (CDN) for Your Website
As your website grows and starts receiving more and more traffic, it's time to...
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Hundred dollar banknote
How to Get a Website Up and Running for $100
While it's always preferable to let a professional web designer build your business website,...
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male designer with laptop
How to Outsource Creative Work Without Compromising Quality
If you have a creative project that's too big to handle alone, or need...
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laptop with colorful images emerging
10 Best Free WordPress Themes of 2014
Are you looking for a beautiful, professional design for your business website, blog, or...
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Mobile shopping
How to Choose the Best E-Commerce Platform for Your Online Store
When setting up an online store, one of the most important parts of the...
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woman working with digital images
A Simple Guide to Finding and Optimizing Website Images
As the old saying goes, “a picture is worth a thousand words,” and it's...
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young web designer
The 3 Best WordPress Starter Themes for Your Website
When you are coding a new WordPress theme, you have few different starting paths...
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Land a Web Design Internship in 3 Steps
Many companies are looking for experienced web designers and if you do not have...
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Cracked security code
Keeping Your WordPress Website Safe from Hackers
Millions of websites are powered by WordPress software, one of the most developer-friendly content...
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font samples
The 10 Best Sans-Serif Web Fonts from Google Fonts Library
When it comes to web fonts, designers have many options to choose from. Google...
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best startup websites
10 Best Startup Websites
Is your website wowing customers when they first arrive? If you need some inspiration,...
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web designer
The Hottest New Web Design Trends This Year
Haris Bacic discusses the three most important Web design trends for this year that...
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Website traffic icon
Boost Your Marketing Campaigns with These 5 Web Tools
There are a number of website tools business owners can use to boost the...
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Let Your Web Design Direct Your Marketing Strategy
As a business owner, it is important for you to realize where you’re lacking...
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WordPress themes
10 Best Paid WordPress Themes of 2013
The popularity of WordPress has created an ever-growing marketplace of premium WordPress themes. No...
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10 Best Free WordPress Themes of 2013
WordPress themes that are free usually tend to lack in the quality department. Here...
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Apple Is Embracing the Flat Design Trend – Are You?
Read about whether your business should be following the flat design trend, which has...
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redesign your website
How to Successfully Redesign Your Website
A review of the crucial steps that business owners can take to ensure that...
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How to Hire an Advertising Agency That Cares About Your Business
Follow these tips to hire an advertising agency that will deliver positive results and...
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Simple Split Testing Techniques to Improve Your Website
Many small businesses that get leads through Internet marketing efforts could improve their conversion...
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10 Must-Have WordPress Plugins for Your Business Website
WordPress is highly customizable CMS (content management system) software, which means you can accomplish...
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How to Use Google Authorship and Author Rank for Your Business
Learn why you should take advantage of Google Authorship to increase your Author Rank...
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10 Things Your Business Website Should Have
Learn 10 things your business website needs in order to provide users an optimal...
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optimize your website speed
How to Optimize Your Website for Speed
Website owners spend a lot of time optimizing their websites for conversions and sales....
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