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Dave Lavinsky
Website: http://www.growthink.com
Dave Lavinsky is the president of Guiding Metrics, which develops metrics dashboards for organizations. He is also the co-founder and president of Growthink, a consulting and publishing firm that has helped more than 500,000 entrepreneurs and business owners to start, grow, or exit their companies. Growthink specifically helps clients develop business plans, raise capital, and implement executive dashboards to profitably grow their companies. Be sure to learn more about Guiding Metric's features and/or check out Dave's Growthink blog.
businessman riding balloon into sky
Dominate Your Competition Using Metrics: Here’s How
Metrics, or Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), are the numbers in your business that tell...
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Business idea concept
2 Questions That Determine If Your New Business or Product Idea Is Viable
Answering these important questions will help you determine whether your new business or product...
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Three Overlooked Benefits of Tracking Your Metrics
Tracking metrics improves performance. But they also give you 3 key benefits you didn't...
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Trade Show Badge
Six Ways to Win Big with Trade Show Booths
Participating in trade shows offers an invaluable opportunity to showcase your products and services...
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Marketing Plan
The Most Important and Most Skipped Part of Your Marketing Plan
Most businesses spend a majority of their time considering different promotional tactics to reach...
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crowd funding
Why Social Proof Is Critical to Crowdfunding Success
Regardless of the type of crowdfunding you embark upon, to be successful you must...
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Business PlanFfirst road sign
4 Reasons Business Plans Fail
Most entrepreneurs and business owners write business plans for the purpose of raising funding....
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