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Brad Shorr
Areas of Expertise: Digital Marketing
Website: https://www.straightnorth.com/
Brad Shorr is Director of B2B Marketing for Straight North, an Internet marketing agency in the Chicago area. With in-house, freelance and agency experience, he writes frequently about content marketing, SEO, social media and small business strategy.
young businessman sitting on stack of cash
The Simple Way to Make a Fortune as a Sales Rep
Do you want to make a ton of money in sales? Here's how to...
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cursor clicking on coin illustration
How to Compete With Big Brands on PPC
Big brands have big pay-per-click ad budgets and routinely manage campaigns targeting literally millions...
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illustration of small man winning first place
How to Compete With Big Brands on SEO
Even though small businesses are spread thin on budgets and staff, here’s how a...
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walking off cliff
10 Hidden Problems That Are Killing Your Business
Is your business dumb, fat, and happy? If so, you probably don’t know it...
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10 Interview Questions Your Job Candidates Should Be Asking You
Evaluating job candidates is tricky business since candidates are prone to tell you what...
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illustration of happy female employee at computer
Career Change: Is It Time to Fall in Love with Your Job Again?
If you are pondering a career change because you’ve grown weary in your work,...
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Ebenezer Scrooge counting coins at his desk
How to Deal With a Scrooge Client
If a Scrooge client is scaring the dickens out of you, don’t let it...
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closeup of chef sharpening knife
Are Your Competitors Carving You Up Like a Turkey?
Nothing hurts revenues (and egos) more than getting carved up by the competition. Here...
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scared small business man
The 10 Scariest Things a Customer Can Say to a Small Business
Any one of these statements can haunt a small business for years. The trick:...
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concerned businessman on phone
What to Do When Sales Prospects Say They Are Happy with Their Suppliers
No response to a sales pitch is more indifferent than “That’s nice, but we’re...
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woman shocked by high price
How Should I Handle Customers Who Say My Prices Are Too High?
The most common way for a customer to say no to a deal is...
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dad pulling kids in wagon
What Your Dad Can Teach You About Running a Successful Business
There are thousands of ways to be a great father, and just as many...
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mom banner
What My Mom Taught Me About Running a Successful Business
When looking for ways to make our businesses more successful, what better place to...
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boss yelling at employee
Annoying Habits in the Office: 40 Simple Ways to Eliminate Them
In business as in marriage, it’s the little things that torment us. And while...
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image of employee being erased
How to Get Fired Like a Pro — And Why You Always Should
Leaving an employer on good terms is always in your best interest. Here are...
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cloud over businessman
Are You Losing the Sale Like a Pro? Here’s Why You Must
A sales rep’s emotions always run high when a buyer makes the big decision....
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sugar cubes
10 Ways to Sweeten the Deal for Customers and Win the Sale
Not getting enough sugar from your prospective customers? Here are ideas for sweetening the...
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stressed freelancer
3 Questions to Ask Before Launching Your Freelance Career
The allure of freelancing can be tantalizing, but not everyone is suited for this...
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3 Important Things Millennials Should Know About Baby Boomers
The business world is in the early stages of a power transfer from the...
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office politics
How Internal Politics Kill Company Websites
Brad Shorr shares an all-too-common scenario in the business world -- how even the...
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businessman running
5 Offbeat Ways to Find Great Sales Reps
Finding a sales superstar is not easy, which is why sales recruiting and training...
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12 Tips for Hiring and Training Writers
Without talented writers, a firm’s content marketing efforts are doomed. But the big problem...
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build website
A Bad Building Process Will Kill Your New Website
When companies begin planning a new website, everyone is brimming with excitement and great...
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football player
Who Needs to Be on Your Website Team
Unlike the coach of a football team, a business owner may not even be...
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web budget
How to Set a Budget for Your New Website
The truism “You get what you pay for” is as true as true can...
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woman thinking
What Is the Purpose of Your Website?
What is the purpose of your company website? If you can’t answer that question...
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unhappy button
10 Ways Companies Screw Up Their Websites
Building a website is like building a house -- both are enormous projects with...
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Couple in the kitchen
Pros and Cons of the Big Home Page Header
Big home page headers can annoy rather than impress visitors. Here are a few...
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Red tunnel
The Danger of SEO Tunnel Vision
When companies spend too much time, attention and money on SEO they may neglect...
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SEO recicle arrows
SEO Simplified for Today’s Web
Strangely, SEO (search engine optimization) is becoming more complicated and simpler at the same...
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