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Each penny, nickel, dime, and dollar saved by small business owners goes a long way towards eventual success. It’s hard enough succeeding in the business world today. When starting a small business, consider these cost-effective tips to save money.

1. Run a Mobile Office

Working in a mobile office is the way to go for small business owners and startups. Don’t waste money on an office space and the additional utilities. Instead run a mobile office that allows the small number of employees to work from home. It’s easy to use free or cheap software, operate on the cloud, and communicate with one another on a daily basis. This could save your business a ton of money.

Also, running a mobile office doesn’t put restrictions on employees from living in other states, travel costs, and other financial additives that saves them money as well.

2. Energy Efficient Home Offices

Yes, energy efficient home offices save business owners money. Save cash by working from a remote location, but it’s also important to consider utility bills of that location are detrimental to business finances. As a budding entrepreneur it’s essential to consider every angle and factor when compiling a business plan. The latest energy efficient homes create a healthier work environment while saving money on gas, electric, and water. Reducing that utility bill will certainly be financial beneficial for small business owners.

3. BYOD Work Environment

The latest trend is to maintain a Bring Your Own Device or “BYOD” work environment. Fortunately, this saves business owners thousands of dollars when they don’t need to purchase laptops, smartphones, or tablets. Also, most working professionals like the idea of working with their preferred devices and computers.

With the development of the cloud storage technology, enterprise mobile apps, and other technology advantages, individuals can work from anywhere. This not only saves cash, but it encourages work productivity and efficiency.

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  • Jessica Socheski

    Been reading a lot about how working with freelancers can be a great savings tool while getting the expertise your new business can really benefit from. Where is a good place to look for quality freelance work?

  • Miguel Salcido

    Hi Jessica, sorry for the delayed response. There are tons of sites like Odesk where you can find a bevy of freelancers. But looking locally is also a great option. I use Craig’s List to look for local freelancers. Its nice to be able to have the freelancers come into the office every so often for training and to touch base with the rest of the team.