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Poor performance

You thought that you had everything lined up perfectly: you have the perfect business plan, a strong customer base and a great staff, but your numbers are still the same every year. Why is your business revenue not growing? There could be a number of factors at play preventing your business from reaching its true success.

However, the truth is that if your business is not growing, there are probably things that you can do to change it and get your company moving in the right direction. Here are a few reasons why your business might not be growing, and how to fix it.

1. You and/or Your Employees Are Undereducated

The right education is essential to being able to properly operate and grow your business. Many business owners and employees continue their education throughout their careers to stay current on the best business practices for their specialty. Keep yourself and your employees up to date on all of the current education for your field. You might even consider offering your employees a program to help pay for tuition for the best degree programs.

2. You Are Only Going After Big Sales/Clients

Big sales and clients are obviously a big win for any business, and those types of sales and clients are essential for your growth, but only focusing on them might limit the success of your business. Focus attention on all existing clients equally and spend some time seeking out all different types of new clients and sales, big or small, to grow your business efficiently.

3. You Don’t Focus Your Ideas

FocusMany business owners and entrepreneurs think big, creating new idea all the time. This is a great quality to have, but good business owners need to focus those ideas and really know how to make them a reality in a practical way. Focus your creative passions and find out which ones will really work for you and your business.

4. You Don’t Have Specific Goals

If you want your business to grow, you need to predict the scenarios in which it would grow and then make one of those scenarios happen. If you just keep working without thinking about the future and where your business will be next year, you will stay at the same place you are at now. Create a plan for where you want your business to go and how you can reach those goals. Have specific deadlines for goals that you want to meet each month to keep you and your staff on track.

5. You Don’t Focus on Repeat Business

Repeat business is the lifeblood of any business. You will always be looking for new clients, but the returning clients are the ones that will keep you in business and help you grow. Don’t forget about old clients, and do everything you can to keep existing clients happy, so that they stick around.

6. You Need a Better Marketing Plan

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About Miguel Salcido

Miguel Salcido is a veteran search marketing executive with a focus on SEO and link building. He has provided SEO consulting to enterprise brands such as McDonald's, State Farm, Chicago Title, Expedia, Qualcomm and others. In his 11+ years in the industry Miguel has built and led large search agencies, holding executive and VP level positions. He is currently providing SEO consulting services to select clients via his boutique SEO agency, Organic Media Group.

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