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Credit card payment machine

Credit card processing shouldn’t be one size fits all. Every business has different needs, and small businesses have very different credit card processing needs than giant corporations do.

Here’s where the system misses the mark for small businesses:

1. They Don’t Always Train Their Clients Well

Most small business owners don’t have a clue what an interchange fee is or why they should have to pay it. And yet, there’s often a minimal amount of education on the part of card processing companies: just enough to answer the basic questions, and then leave the client (you) in the dark.

Your Solution: Don’t be shy about asking questions. You’re paying for the privilege. So if something doesn’t make sense, or you need your rep to come out for the 10th time to show you how to run a batch, do it.

2. They’re Not Always Looking Out for the Little Guy

Your merchant card processor now offers a cheaper package for small businesses. But did your rep tell you? Maybe not. There’s often not a lot of impetus to service existing accounts and make sure they’re happy. Sales reps are on to the next deal before you’ve even processed your first transaction.

Your Solution: Check in once a year and see if there is an option to lower your fees. Chances are, your transaction sizes have been getting larger or more numerous, which is a great fact for negotiating a better rate.

3. They’re Not Always Up Front with Their Fees

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About Jaimie Yun

Jaimie Yun has more than 15 years experience across financial sectors of public accounting, corporate finance, and more. She is on the advisory board of, a credit card processing marketplace that allows businesses to compare multiple credit card processing rates and get the best offer while remaining anonymous to processors.