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The primary purpose of email marketing is to get your content read, raising the profile of your business in order to sell more products and services. Building a responsive, loyal audience is key to the success of your campaign. You must maximise the opportunities to gain the advantage, ensuring your emails are viewed, time and time again. Email marketing is highly cost-effective, super fast, and can offer astonishing results when approached in the right way.

With billions of emails sent daily, your target audience is now highly particular when it comes to what they choose to open and what gets sent straight to junk mail. Despite this, email marketing remains one of the most effective marketing tools for delivering return on investment, in some cases rapidly. Consider these top 5 ways to boost your open rate:

1. Focus on Your “From Name” and “Subject Line”

This should be your No. 1 battle tactic. Almost every email marketing communication is created with very little thought given to the “from name” and “subject line.” They will be the very first elements of your email campaign to be seen. Take a quick look at your own inbox and note the emails you open straight away — these will tend to have a short and snappy subject line “Tomorrow’s Meeting” or “This Week’s Stats.” Ensure you do the same with your own subject line. Offer a little glimpse into what your email is about and ensure that your email delivers on that promise.

2. Plan and Deliver

The best email marketing campaigns are those with a structured plan behind them. Carefully consider the message you want to deliver and make sure it blends well with the images used. You don’t have to be a professional copywriter but just ensure you are writing in the tone you wish to communicate with your contacts.

3. Segment and Target

Segmenting your database and sending out highly relevant, targeted communications will ensure higher open rates. Divide your data into different groups such as new customers, non-customers, historically loyal readers, industry specific groups, or geographical areas. Tailor your communications specifically for each of your segmented groups using alternative wording, specific articles, varied offerings, or even diverse images.

4. Offer Value

Stop the selling. Companies who make a success of email campaigns understand the power of the “Content Marketing” approach. They deliver ongoing valuable messages, attracting and retaining customers by building valuable relationships, resulting in loyalty and repeat business. Avoid the sales pitch and offer useful content instead.

5. Make It Personal

It’s so easy to personalise your email marketing communications, so make sure you do it! The benefits of personally addressing your contacts should not be underestimated and can have a tremendous effect on the overall success of your campaigns.

As well as personalising, it’s also crucial that you demonstrate individuality. If you’re a small business, portray your unique style and avoid dull, corporate communications. Your contacts will buy from people they like, so ensure you show your personality.

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About Adam Lovelock

Adam Lovelock is a Co-Founder of Astonish Email, the quick and easy email marketing system built especially for small business owners. He has spent the past six years working with hundreds of small businesses, helping them build valuable relationships with their contacts through email marketing. You can email Adam at adam.lovelock@astonishemail.com or try Astonish Email for free at www.astonishemail.com.


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