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In the information age, technology is rapidly updating all the time. This means that the way we do business is also in ongoing development. Over the past few years, the .com boom gave way to Internet use in everyday life. Today, it is a given staple of the workplace and an integral tool for conducting business.

Mobile seems like the current frontier which is quickly being explored and settled. And that makes it an increasingly important aspect of industry and trade. As the world of mobile devices and applications expands beneath our feet, there are some essential facts you need to know about how mobile business apps are making a home in your field.

1. $1 Trillion in Global Mobile by 2015

Number one on this list is the stats. Your boss needs the company and its employees to be up to date on how widespread the impact of mobile is in business. Some of these numbers include the fact that experts believe “the mobile payments industry will account for $1 trillion in global transactions by next year.” This means that a huge chunk of commerce will be happening over smartphones and tablets.

In the meantime, roughly 38 percent of U.S. consumers rely on mobile coupons when purchasing a product in store. Responding to the heavy use of apps everywhere, 35 percent of restaurants have developed an app which includes an ordering feature.

Starbucks led the way with its mobile app, which now has 10 million active users generating 4 million transactions per week, according to business2community.com.

2. What Can an App Do for Your Business?

Second but perhaps the most important thing your boss needs you to know about mobile apps is how they should fit into your company. The best place to start in answering this question is not, “do we need an app?” but “what will the app do, display or transform?” Anthony Wing Kosner reframes this question in an article for Forbes saying, “the app is the visible evidence of some data and/or content.”

3. How to Create a Company App

No, you don’t have to learn to program and design a customized application. But you should be aware of some general guidelines for developing your company’s own app.

Start by brainstorming with a team about the why and what of your new application. The how can come later. Begin with great ideas creating a purpose for the app and finding ways it can serve both you and your clients. This initial step should prove relatively easy after you have determined number two: what the app can do for the business.

The second step is identifying a mobile app design firm to bring your ideas to life. A professional developer will help groom the brainstorm to show you what is possible. Then, they can build and maintain the app, helping you bring it to the app store.

After that, it is up to you to start marketing the app and convincing consumers to try it. If your app has a solid purpose for existing and really fills a need, then this final step shouldn’t prove too difficult.

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