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5. Be Flexible and Available

Matt ehrlichmanI sit right in the trenches of my sales team, field calls and take my own. Being right next to my employees in the mix makes me accessible and human. Being available is often half the battle for being tapped into the culture, so my philosophy is to just jump into the middle of it.
- Matt Ehrlichman, Porch


6. Schedule a Weekly Decompression Session

Zach ClaytonWe have an all-hands meeting every Friday afternoon where team members share something good, something bad and something celebratory about their week. It’s a great way to reflect and unwind, especially when followed by happy hour.
- Zach Clayton, Three Ships Media


7. Support by Caring

Brent BeshoreLife is stressful, and while more chaotic, startups are merely an amplification. Whether they’re employees, friends or family, supporting them starts by truly caring. Most businesses care enough about their employees to want them to come to work every day. We care about each employee’s happiness and will do almost anything to help him or her find it.
- Brent Beshore,

8. Conduct Regular Reviews

Robert-J.-MooreThis might sound like a lot, but we conduct employee reviews every six weeks. This gives employees an opportunity to pause for a moment, reflect on their job satisfaction and talk about ways to improve it. Some of the best ideas and biggest parts of our company culture have emerged from these meetings.
- Robert J. Moore, RJMetrics


9. Plan a Weekly Dinner

Rameet ChawlaI try to do dinners with them once a week. I’ll take out a small group, and we just have a good dinner and bond.

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