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Building a dream team of brilliant employees who can propel a business forward requires business owners to create a team-based organization that fosters trust and cooperation. Following are 10 tips on how to build an effective team of top employees in any business:

1. Communication: Good communication is a “must” for effectiveness. Successful teams have to communicate often and well to stay focused and on track to complete group and company goals. This includes having multiple methods of communication such as:

  • One-on-one meetings
  • Group meetings
  • Email
  • Instant messaging
  • Web meetings
  • Teleconferencing

In addition to communicating frequently, communication skills must be developed so everyone clearly articulates his or her message to other team members.

2. Trust: Team members must be able to trust each other. The assumption of trust is critical to advance team objectives. Trust is developed through open and honest communication, commitment, collaboration, cooperation, reliability, and respect. Trust is integral to successful team building.

3. Attitude: Maintaining a positive attitude is necessary to minimize dissatisfaction among team members. Stressing a positive attitude and focusing on finding solutions to issues, building respect for each other, creating supportive working relationships, and encouraging an environment of collaboration is essential in building a strong team.

4. Collaboration: Team members must work to build a sense of collaboration within the team. When collaboration exists, the output of work is greater than the sum of individual team members simply working alone. Collaboration fosters analytical, critical, and creative thinking skills through active communication, idea sharing, and joint decision-making.

5. Cooperation: If trust and positive attitudes exist within the team, cooperation falls into place allowing the team to work well together. A certain amount of conflict is inevitable, but not always negative. Working through conflict in a professional way can help teams learn to resolve differences, compromise, and improve team performance through better cooperation.

6. Commitment: Team members must be committed to the goals of the team and the company to deliver on expectations. Commitment is not measured by hours contributed but by the dedication team members show for the work and for each other achieving results and milestones when expected.

7. Protocol: To be effective and successful, teams need protocols that establish ground rules for standards and behavior. Protocols must be discussed and accepted in advance to avoid miscommunication and misunderstandings. This includes defining roles and responsibilities, expectations, and rules for team interactions that foster a positive team environment.

8. Leadership: Team leadership is important to help the team stay focused on the big picture and shared goals. A team leader must be able to delegate effectively and follow up to ensure that objectives are completed on time. It is the responsibility of the team leader to build on the team’s strengths as they emerge and facilitate communication, collaboration, cooperation, and commitment among all team members.

9. Empowerment: Each team member should be empowered to feel meaningful, active, and engaged in the team’s goals. Empowerment is critical for learning and performance. Teams that do not feel empowered become passive and perform less. It is the leader’s role to empower team members through individual communication and mentoring.

10. Results: Teams must produce desired results. When a results-oriented culture is instilled in the team as a whole, members are motivated to produce what is expected through team effort and collaboration.

Use these tips to build trust and inspire teamwork among employees by enabling and empowering them to accomplish quality work that contributes to the overall business objectives. Business success is clearly linked to the quality of employees. Cultivate employees into dream team members and the sum can be much greater than the individual parts.

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About Richard Weinberger

Richard L. Weinberger, PhD, CPA has over 30 years experience as a financial and management consultant dealing exclusively with small businesses. Dr. Weinberger currently serves in the capacity as the Chief Executive Officer of the Association of Accredited Small Business Consultants. In addition to his business experience, Dr. Weinberger has been a full-time and adjunct professor. He holds a PhD degree in organization and management, an MBA in management, a BBA in marketing, and a BBA degree cum laude in accounting. He is also the author of the best selling book Propel Your Small Business to Success: Accelerated Actions to Maximize Profit.


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