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Your employees may say they’re happy with their jobs. Are they really? You could be the friendliest, most understanding boss around, but your staff probably still holds reservations about telling you the whole truth. If you want to know whether or not an employee is truly happy at your company, look for these top 10 habits of happy employees.

1. Smiling

You’ve likely heard it hundreds of times. Real smiles include happy eyes. So when you’re talking with your employees, observe their smiles, or lack thereof. Are they naturally showing happiness? Do their smiles reflect genuine joy? If so, their claims of happiness are probably genuine as well.

2. Customizing Their Positions

The perfect job is rarely attained; it’s more often created. If your employees have the freedom and motivation to make their positions their own, that’s a good sign that they’re happy with the opportunity to work for you. They maximize their performance, their productivity, and their job satisfaction, displaying dedication to a long-term career at your company and happiness as your employees.

3. Showing Up to Work Early

Perhaps employees who show up early simply want to keep their jobs by avoiding being late. However, that doesn’t tell the whole story. If you’ve been an employer for a while, you know that unhappy, unmotivated employees often couldn’t care less about clocking in right on the dot or leaving five minutes late to finish a last-minute project. Take note of those who are happy to be at work for a few extra minutes.

4. Establishing Friendly Relationships with Co-Workers

If your company has 10 or more on-site employees, that team environment is definitely conducive to the formation of meaningful relationships. Of course, it’s a personal decision to develop a personal relationship with anyone, and ultimately, a meaningful relationship is an investment. It only makes sense for employees to invest in meaningful relationships with co-workers if they are happy and intend to stay with your company for the long haul.

5. Participating In After-Hours Work Events

If your company throws casual, voluntary work events after business hours, you’re probably already paying attention to which employees show up and which don’t. Give that some serious thought. What does it mean?

Employees who engage with co-workers after-hours and demonstrate general interest in the company are typically reflecting happiness with their jobs. Even if your staff members are great friends, employees don’t always want to “see” work outside of work. Voluntarily “seeing” work is a fantastic sign that your employees are happy.

6. Conserving Company Resources

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