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Technology is moving faster than light speed, it seems. Every time you look up, there’s some amazing new gadget or app that makes your life better.

Each year, Mary Meeker, a venture capitalist at Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers, publishes a dense deck of Internet trends. Techies and digital marketers jump on it. But what about the average business owner? Do you really care what these trends are?

You should, because they’re going to affect you (in fact, probably already do). Take a look at some of them.

Trend 1: Mobile Is Skyrocketing

Sure, you’re tired of hearing about how mobile search is quickly overcoming desktop search. But while smartphone growth is slowing in developed nations, tablet use is still powering ahead, with 52 percent early stage rapid unit growth. All that aside, the really big story here is the data that all those mobile devices are processing. Mobile data traffic is up 81 percent and growing, thanks primarily to video use on mobile.

Trend 2: Desktops Are So 2010

Quite frankly, desktops appear to be headed toward the same fate as typewriters. People are buying laptops and tablets instead. And they’re accessing visual tools like Instagram, Pinterest, and Tumblr from other devices.

Trend 3: The Internet Trifecta

Heard of the 4 Ps? Now it’s all about the 3 Cs, at least according to Meeker:

  • Content
  • Community
  • Commerce

The three play together nicely in marketing to digital-savvy consumers.

Trend 4: Data Sharing Is About to Explode

Videos. Social updates. Photos. Blog posts. All this content is data, and it’s growing 50 percent year over year. A full percentage of that data is created not by brands, but by consumers.

Trend 5: Mobile Advertising is Gaining on Desktop

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Brenda S. Stoltz is the CEO and founder of Ariad Partners and has over 20 years of experience in helping companies from Fortune 100 to startup, generate leads, increase sales and accelerate value. Get more expert advice about inbound marketing, SEO, lead generation and sales and marketing alignment on her blog.

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