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If you’re a business attempting to take a new slant on your marketing/social media approach you have a myriad of format to choose from. Endless new apps and hardware make it difficult to keep up with just what you should be doing. And so, after a scan of the latest technology news, we have pieced together ten of the most important online resources your business should be considering using. It’s an eclectic bunch, but that’s social media for you!

1. Switchcam

Switchcam is an online service whereby the recordings of multiple cameras – smartphones, video camera, or more formal setups – are manually synchronised in the application, allowing viewers to seamlessly follow the action from whichever angle they choose. Although the service isn’t cheap, it’s not hard to think of plenty of social or business occasions where it would really enhance the viewing experience. Think of YouTube, for instance, and the chance to create a seamless and professional looking video.

2. StumbleUpon

Thanks to the major search engines it’s now easier than ever to zero in on information, but it can still be difficult (and tedious) to sift through endless sites looking for something of good quality. Enter StumbleUpon, a free social media service of sorts which allows you to curate a vast database of websites to your desire. Putting it simply, the service selects sites at random from a giant, user determined database and you are left to “Stumble” your way through great content. It’s not as arbitrary as this may sound – from your account you can choose subjects you’re interested in and filter out those you’re not. It’s been around since 2001 and has steadily increased in popularity, and seeing as you can add pages of your choosing it makes for a very useful social media tool.

3. LinkedIn – HP Enters The Million Follower Club

Towards the end of February Mashable reported that Hewlett Packard had become the first company on the business social network LinkedIn to reach 1 million followers. This dwarfs the tech giant’s meagre 180,000 Twitter followers but doesn’t reach its dizzy heights on Facebook, where it has over 2 million fans. It serves as a reminder to those businesses who aren’t on LinkedIn – you could be missing out. The service isn’t essentially customer based and won’t be boosting your profits any time soon, but you can link (on a worldwide basis) with other firms and businesses and make vital contacts along the way. Guest posting opportunities, tips, hints, and friendships can all develop from this and boost your business as a result.

4. TED’s “Ads Worth Spreading”

Many of us will know TED (which stands for Technology, Entertainment, Design) from the highly entertaining and informative talks that are available online or, if you’re lucky enough, to attend live. However, TED is about much more than this; it’s a foundation with prizes and other initiatives to assist creativity. They’ve recently produced their third “Ads Worth Spreading” list, which, the organisation says, are exemplars of good communication of concepts. It would be wise to learn, and join in, with the TED community to keep up to date with initiatives.

5. HP’s Android-powered Slate 7

Tech companies releasing new hardware isn’t news in itself, so HP’s new tablet didn’t make huge ripples in the public sphere. It was noted by the tech web, though, and for all the right reasons. After sticking with Windows for their earlier tablet launches, this 7-inch device is their first foray into Android territory. For a company synonymous with the Microsoft/Windows ecosystem, it’s quite a coup and can benefit any business person; take a look at the specs.

6. HTC Attempt to Break the Megapixel Myt

Sticking with Android, HTC released their new flagship 4G smartphone the HTC One, and many reviewers were surprised to see that the camera had a sensor with a measly 4 million pixels. The Taiwanese company, which led the non-Apple smartphone market until Samsung blasted through, issued a statement, and, well, it’s pretty convincing. Any photographer will tell you the lens is more important than the pixel count, and in low light those big pixels really do seem to sink the competition.

7. Java Problems Elicit Sensible Response

Many tech experts are advising people to simply switch their Java off on their PCs thanks to a seemingly endless stream of security breaches and bad new stories. This is why, if you were wondering, there have been so many updates recently. It would be hard to imagine a world without this ubiquitous language, and turning it off could cause software to malfunction, so those kind people at Mashable have issued a quick guide to reducing your risk. And you can read it here.

8. Escaping the Clutches of Facebook

Taking a step away from business needs for now, it has emerged Facebook’s figures are dropping. It would be ridiculous to claim Facebook is haemorrhaging users, but there are reports in many regions of new members levelling off and, at worst, people leaving in significant numbers. There are no doubt many reasons for this, but if you do decide to up sticks you’ll discover it’s not as easy as you might think. One major issue of this is the need to log in to so many online resources with your Facebook account. Luckily many of these also cater for this with Twitter, but there are plenty of apps which work with only a Facebook account. Be wary of this, and consider a “fake” account to cater for these needs.

9. GlobeIn

It’s hard enough for any business to get a product to market, but when your living comes from crafting objects using traditional means without leaving the community, it’s always been next to impossible. That’s where GlobeIn, which just went beta, comes in. It’s an outlet for artisans to sell their wares and it has authenticity flowing through its veins. Keep an eye on this one – its model could have repercussions for all businesses.

10. Pose – the Fashion Social Network

Finally we have Pose, the social network making the high street a kind of catwalk, and again, even if you’re not interested in fashion it’s worth watching as it could be a harbinger of change for the way things are marketed. Bypassing the closed world of the glossy magazines entirely, it allows people to snap clothing and accessories and put up a few details about it for your contacts. It’s easy to see how influential people could become incredibly valuable to brands from a marketing perspective.

About Alex Morris

Alex Morris is a Copywriter and Social Media Manager for the award winning Soap Media. He has also worked as an SEO Executive and Digital Marketer for a leading small business in the UK, and has been a business writer and blogger since completing a Masters Journalism degree in 2007. He spends his spare time developing a satirical blog whilst working on a debut novel.

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