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Networking is a great way to build your social capital, and many business owners make it a regular habit. But how often do you really remember the people you meet or important details about them? It’s easy to lose track and end up with a stack of useless business cards.

To make sure your networking leads to actual relationships, we asked 10 founders from YEC the following:

Q. What is one creative way you keep track of potential contacts you meet at large industry or networking events?

Their best answers are below:

1. Use a CRM with a Mobile App

Patrick ConleyWe have a mobile app for our CRM that allows us take a picture of a contact’s business card and automatically scan it into our CRM along with notes. This helps us remember who we met and how we might be able to help them. As an added bonus, we can even add them to a “follow-up campaign” that automatically sends them a post-event email to keep in touch.
Patrick Conley, Automation Heroes


2. Download CardMunch

Matt MickiewiczDownload and install the CardMunch app to quickly process dozens of business cards and connect with people on LinkedIn.
Matt Mickiewicz, Hired


3. Text Them

Janis KrumsI’m a big fan of text messaging. Therefore, I do everything I can to get people’s phone numbers into my phone and, more important, get my phone number into theirs. From there, you can start worrying about collecting additional information about the person during future conversations. – Janis Krums, OPPRTUNITY

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